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Fitness testing your workers is a great way to determine what your organization may need to do to reduce on the job injuries.  This will be the foundation for implementing an injury prevention program to reduce lost time and keep workers safe. Strains and sprains are the largest contributors to work related injury, lost time and OSHA recordable incidents.  In …

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This is part three of our three part series on the Root Cause of injuries.  We want to help identify injury Root Cause and ways of adaptation so we can drastically reduce workplace injuries!  Part 3 In part one, we discussed load exceeding capacity causing injury to occur.  Part two covered adaptation. In our example, calluses developed by conditioning the …

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This is part two of our three part series on the Root Cause of injuries.  Our goal is to help identify the Root Cause of injuries and ways to help people adapt so we can drastically reduce them! Part 2 In part one, we discussed load exceeding capacity causing injury to occur.  Our example of this was a blister resulting …

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This will be a three part series on the Root Cause of injuries.  If we can identify the Root Cause of various injuries in our workplace, we can drastically reduce them! Part 1 Injury occurs when a structural load is placed upon the body or limb that is greater than the load bearing capacity of that body part.  The result …

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Soft tissue, strain and sprain musculoskeletal disorders are the number one reason an American misses work and the number one reason people are permanently disabled.  The most frequent injury is of one body part, the back. In 2012 there were 388,060 OSHA recordable strains sprains and tears with 41.2 %, or 159,880 (  being back injuries.   The number one cause of …

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