Injury Reduction Ergonomics

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ROI Based Consulting

Sports Therapy brings substantial cost savings through culture change around safety.   Savings of 30%-80% are common among our clients.  Our unique approach ensures new levels of communication and cooperation within the organization. Leadership and workers come together around common goals. Our proven system will help you fix what ails your team!

Ergonomic Solutionsspine_large

  • Root Solutions to MSD’s
  • Job Hazard Analysis and Control
  • Equipping Internal Champions/Train the Trainer
  • Fit for Duty Training
  • On-site stretching/Therapeutic Exercise

Injury Prevention

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Bad Posture

Ball Under Knee

Bent Brick

Bent Row

Bent Squat

Brick Lift


Curve in Spine

Door Stretch


Improper Lift

Kneeling Extend


Leg Lift


Lying Twist

Proper Lift

Proper Squat

Remove Hat

Rested Seat


Toe Raise

Top Grip


Wrist Extention

Wrist Flex


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