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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that of all 379,340 strains, sprains and tears that occurred on the job in 2009, 195,150 or 51.44% were to the back, with an annual cost exceeding $100 Billion. That is just the medical cost of the back injuries. Our team from Sports Therapy can provide in depth knowledge of the back including, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, common problems, at risk work practices, therapeutic exercises and replacement Preferred Work Methods. The most common comment following our training is that they now understand why twisting and lifting is so damaging, and why the pain from lifting incorrectly is often delayed. Fact: A healthy disc will catastrophically rupture at just over 2000 lbs per square inch from compression but can rupture 11 times easier when rotation is added. Let us help you rid your organization of the cost both human and financial from back injury.

We offer targeted seminars and consulting to help you prevent back injuries, contact us today: reliable medications buy dapoxetine usa

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