Real or Imagined?

  • Define structural stress from an ENGINEERING perspective.
  • Can you predict the physical demands that will be placed on a structure?
  • Can you ENGINEER and construct an item to handle the loads it will carry?
  • Do time, the environment, and loads placed on a structure reduce its limits?
  • Can anything be done to minimize degradation and bolster physical capacities?

The Human Body

  • Are these examples of STRESS applicable in the human body?
  • When you become angry, anxious, or upset are their biochemical’s released into the BODY?
  • Does an overly ADRENALIZED bloodstream have an adverse impact on your body?
    • What events produce STRESS in the human body; is it the same for everyone?
    • Is STRESS ever good for you?
    • What can you do to enhance your ability to handle STRESS?
    • Can STRESS be deflected by changing your brain’s perception of circumstances?
    • What is your REALISTIC PLAN to reduce your STRESS and enhance PERFORMANCE?

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